Meeting your company’s green initiatives in today’s economy must not be at the expense of meeting your mission critical objectives.

Today’s competitive companies know that “Going Green” is not just beneficial to the environment and their communities; it’s also beneficial to their company’s reputation, value proposition and when done right, it is beneficial to their bottom line. Qualified companies are receiving tax credits, utility rebates, and/or favorable lease terms that make their energy efficiency efforts cash positive from day one. State and federal agencies are providing significant tax incentives promoting energy conservation and efficiency solutions.

In addition, most local utility companies are providing rebates based on proven documented reduction solutions. The positive cash flow characteristics combined with the incentives and tax deductions make investments in energy efficiency one of the safest and highest yielding investments available in this and any economic climate.

Energy efficiency retrofits often qualify for favorable financing terms including no money out-of-pocket options and additional cash flow.

Companies are utilizing energy efficiency not only to help the environment, but also to lower their operating costs. If a company’s net income as a percentage of sales is 5%, then saving $50,000 per year on energy costs is equivalent to an increase of $1,000,000 in top-line sales.